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Dilemma and decisión unid 6

Dilemma: A Scent of risk
Beautiful Italian brand that intends to launch a new fragrance to the market which hit a market focused on young women who meet the following characteristics. Tagetes: Women between 18 to 25 years Socio-economic level: B B + A Studies from university They work and are highly social That in their free time attending cinemas, night clubs, shopping malls, concerts and so on. Whether you like to be in fashion Have a preference for the fashion trends in clothing and cosmetics Product The perfume is called "Rebel Angel" is a bold and rebellious fragrance, which carries a scent of freedom, intimacy and youth with flower essences, water and semiorientales, concentrated in a presentation of 700 ml. Price The price of the fragrance will be $ 95 taking into account a price that is affordable for the market that is focused and that is accessible to the competition Promotion To promote this as a celebrity fragrance was thought to Rihanna impact of his image projected strength, rebellion, their music is about fashion and is the first woman of color to be a model of perfume also is young The promotion will be disseminated through the Internet pages Hotmail Hi5 Google, In Concert and cinemas showing a small business with the image of Rihanna, in youth magazines such as twenty, malls Plaza Will go on sale in stores such as Sears, Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro and Samborns which is located in major shopping malls in the DF.


Inter State is a new York based company specialised in providing domestic insurance for private individuals and small corporations.
Interstate is currently considering outsourcing all or part of its 150 persons call centre to an overseas location in order to reduce its operating costs. The call centre currently processes calls from both insurance agents and enquiries from members of the public within the USA. Several groups of managers have been asked to research different host countries in order to evaluate their potential to host a pilot project which should take over full responsibility for all call centre operations within twelve months. The management teams will be meeting later in the day to present their recommendations. The following countries have been selected as potential hosts.


Well, in this case there are a Lumber of issues that have to be Looked at. First, there is the question of Business performance itself. Is it really going to be worthwhile for this company to take parto f its Business offshore? There is not much doubt-it will be cheaper at least in the short-term. But there is a downside and that could produce some surprises for any company. The image of the company may well suffer as a result of a decision to offshore, and the potential impact of that is difficult to measure. We´ve already seen that sort of thing happening and some companies have even had to bring back work that they had outsourced.
This, of course, could be made worse by union industrial action. Other problems down the line? Well, when you offshore a critical part our you bussines , your really have to have a fall back strategy if something goes disastrously wrong.this could be wath we call "multi-shoring", where you have and alternative service provider in another country you can switch to if things go wrong.

That way, if there is a major appreciation in wages or foreigh currency, a dispute with your local provider or any sort of instability, you are not in danger.
So you know, i think that if i were being asked to choose a dstination for an outsourcing operation, I would advise the company to think very carefully about "multi-shoring" that way they can minimise the risks and transfers operation to another destination i something goes wrong.

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría calls for restoring economic growth path

OECD welcomes the co-ordinated efforts of political leaders and financial authorities to address issues of liquidity, solvency and recapitalisation of the financial system. Looking beyond crisis management, Mr Gurría said the OECD will focus on the structural implications of the financial crisis, including a more holistic culture of risk management, compensation issues, accountable management, and more effective regulation. “We will also make proposals for improved financial education and risk awareness to restore the confidence of consumers of financial services,” he added.
Speaking on the occasion of an annual report to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the outlook for the world economy, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría spoke about the impact of the financial crisis and OECD's work to produce a more inclusive globalisation.

What Drives the NAIRU? Evidence from a Panel of OECD Countries

This paper analyses the determinants of structural unemployment rates in a two-stage approach. First, time-varying NAIRUs are estimated for a panel of OECD economies on the basis of Phillips curve equations using Kalman filter techniques. In a second stage, the estimated NAIRUs are regressed on selected policy and institutional variables.

Economic Outlook forecasts sharp rise in unemployment as recession takes hold across OECD

The number of unemployed in OECD countries is expected to rise by about 8 million people over the next two years as the most serious recession since the early 1980s takes it toll on economic activity, according to the latest OECD Economic Outlook.
The main challenges facing the Spanish economy are to minimise the economic costs of the current downturn, move workers shed to new jobs, and to raise sustainable productivity growth including by improving human capital formation and competition in product markets.

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Dilemma unit 5

The camisea project planned by plus petrol of Argentina and the government of Peru will affect the natives or Amazon because it will bring a lot of health problems such as VIH, diabetes, cholesterol in others.Also is important to mention that the local fishing industry would be endangered by pollution made by all the garbage factory in addition the agriculture could be destructed because the new industries.As a conclusion we as native are against the camisca Project in order to get a good feature for a tuids.

Dilemma Unit 4

Success at what price?

We are discussing the advantages and disvantages of each candidate,, and we conclude that Jonh Creed is the best option because although it is the most expensive, is the one that have a lot of experience, because as we know he has worked in Europe, and is know as a successful manager. Is the only one that 100 days, as we could conclude has promised a succeed.He could bring an important company growth, because he could bring new ideas to the company and its important to mention that will have him as a member of the company for 10 years as the contract says.